Computer Repair Service in San Diego


Upgrade / Downgrade Windows 7, 8, Vista or XP

New computers usually come with the latest Windows operating system. They can be upgraded to advanced versions or the user can stay with the version of Windows they are using. There is no need to learn the advanced version of Windows for most users, if you are satisfied with your present operating system, why not keep it that way!


What if I told you that you can change the Windows version of your new computer to your favorite version! Bring it to us and let one of our software engineer’s change out the operating system. We can both upgrade and downgrade the system to suit to your needs!


Users should feel comfortable with their computers. Windows shouldn’t be a cause of worry. If you don’t like the version you have, it can be reinstalled and the users can choose their favorite operating system!


Give us a call, bring your computer in or message us, and in no time you will have it running again the way you got used to.


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