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Liquid Spill Repair

If you accidentally spill liquid on your laptop, you might immediately start cleaning the liquid on the outside of the computer. It might even be in working condition and seem normal, but water can seep into the interior and ruin your computer! The best thing to do when liquid spills occur is switch off the machine and take it to our service center.


If the computer isn’t on when the spill happens then you probably want to check whether it is functional after cleaning it. This is how most users react to liquid spill problems. You might be able to clean the spill from the keyboard, but you can’t remove the moisture that has seeped into the depths of the machine. The best solution is to take the computer to our service center for a chemical cleaning of the interior.


A computer can be saved from liquid damage if the user can rush the machine to a reliable service center like ours. We can remove moisture from computers and this prevents the moisture from creating rust and ruining the parts. We have helped many spillers, and we have saved even high-end computers like Macbooks from liquid damage many times!


To work on a liquid damaged computer the most important thing is that thecomputer must be brought in as soon as possible. Take precautionary measures like unplugging the machine when it is spilled on! And above all, DON’T TURN IT ON!!!


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Liquid Spill Repair San Diego